Mistassiniy School is located in the community of Wabasca, Alberta which is 186 kilometers north of Athabasca, Alberta and 130 kilometers east of Slave Lake, Alberta and is a rapidly growing community with Oil Sands and Forestry Development. Mistassiniy is a Grade 7 to 12 school with approximately 350 students and a professional staff complement of 20.


Photo of Sarah DeGiacomo

Ms. Sarah DeGiacomo

Vice Principal

Phone: 780-891-3949

Photo of Karen Davies

Ms. Karen Davies


Phone: 780-891-3949


Photo of Barbara Edwards

Ms. Barbara Edwards

Grade 7 Humanities Teacher

Photo of Winston Edwards

Mr. Winston Edwards

Grade 7 Math and Science Teacher

Photo of Darren Weir

Mr. Darren Weir

Grade 8 Math/Science Teacher

Photo of Patrick Mugerwa

Mr. Patrick Mugerwa

Photo of Evvy Jenoure

Ms. Evvy Jenoure

Humanities Teacher

Photo of Doug Wong

Mr. Doug Wong

Grade 9 Math and Outdoor Education, High School Science and Outdoor Education Teacher

Photo of Trisha Vadnais

Ms. Trisha Vadnais

Grade 7 Science and Foods, and High School Aboriginal Studies and Home Economics Teacher

Photo of Colin Mackay

Mr. Colin Mackay

Junior High Grade 7 Social Studies and High School Mechanics, Welding, Woodworking and Science Teacher

Photo of Kylie Malo

Ms. Kylie Malo

High School Humanities and Options Teacher

Photo of Charles Greening

Mr. Charles Greening

High School Guidance Councilor, and High School Math and Humanities Teacher

Photo of Dallon Perry

Mr. Dallon Perry

High School Mechanics, Welding, Woodworking, Outdoor Education, Physical Education and English Teacher

Photo of Terri-Lynn McLeod

Ms. Terri-Lynn McLeod

High School Science, Math and Options Teacher

Photo of Cheyne Allen

Mr. Cheyne Allen

Junior High Art and High School Art and Humanities Teacher

Photo of Devon Quarrie

Mr. Devon Quarrie

Junior High Computers and High School Knowledge & Employability and Options Teacher

Photo of Kenneth Tang

Mr. Kenneth Tang


Support Staff

Photo of Laura Auger

Ms. Laura Auger

Cree Language Instructor

Photo of Faye Cardinal

Ms. Faye Cardinal

Community Liason

Photo of Monica Crawford

Monica Crawford

Success Coach

Photo of Tamara Gladue

Ms. Tamara Gladue

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Leanne Gladue

Ms. Leanne Gladue

Head Cook

Photo of Tonancy Godoy-Ordonez

Ms. Tonancy Godoy-Ordonez

Educational Assistant

Photo of Deana John-Auger

Ms. Deana John-Auger

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sabrina Shadbolt

Ms. Sabrina Shadbolt

Educational Assistant

Photo of Shanel Taron

Ms. Shanel Taron

Part time Secretary